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Do you have a question about your PlusX? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, compiled by PocketWizard tech support.

Is the PlusX compatible with my camera/flash?

Virtually all cameras and flashes with a standard size hot-shoe, PC socket, or sync port are compatible with Standard Channel radios like the Plus II, Plus III, PlusX, and MultiMAX.

The PlusX won’t trigger my studio flash! How can I get the Plus III to trigger my flash?

There seem to be some packs that are wired backwards from the industry standard, which can cause this problem. Try the following:

  • On packs that use a household-style sync plug, simply reversing the way the plug is oriented usually solves the issue.
  • Some customers have seen success using a Wein Safe Sync.
  • We also have a cable solution that allows you to reverse the orientation of the sync cables, and trigger your lights. First, plug the phono to miniphone adapter that came with your Plus III into the sync port on the pack itself. Then, plug an M3H cable into the adapter in the pack, and then an MH3 into the M3H. If it does not work, simply flip the MH3 around and use it orientated the other direction.

Will Auto-focus work on my remote camera with the PlusX?

Yes! A remote camera will attempt to auto-focus before firing.

Depending on the AF setting that you have chosen, the behavior will look a little different:

  • When the camera is set to AF-S (Single), the camera will not release the shutter button until it can confirm the focus. When using this setting on the camera, the camera will attempt to autofocus before releasing the shutter button.
  • When the camera is set to AF-C (Continuous), the focus is continuous up until the point of the full shutter release. When using this setting on the camera, the camera will first attempt to focus and will then fire regardless of focus confirmation.
  • In AF-S there’s the possibility of missing shots, if focus can’t be confirmed, and in AF-C there’s the possibility of getting an out-of-focus shot. These limitations are tied to the camera’s auto-focus system – you’ll see the same behavior with or without our radios.
  • For fastest response time on a remote camera, disable auto-focus on the camera and pre-focus manually.

Is the PlusX compatible with other PocketWizard radios?

Yes! The PlusX is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters and receivers of the same frequency (FCC or CE), including PocketWizard-enabled photo gear from Profoto, Dynalite, Norman, Photogenic and Sekonic light meters.

Why is the LED on my PlusX blinking amber/red instead of green?

The LED on the top of the PlusX will blink three different colors (green, amber, and red) at different intervals to indicate the remaining battery power.

  • One green blink indicates between 100% to 50% remaining battery life.
  • Two amber blinks indicates between 50% to 25% remaining battery life.
  • Three red blinks indicates less than 25% remaining battery life.

What cable do I need?

You can use the Cable Finder at to find the right cable for lots of different cameras and flashes.

Contact PocketWizard tech support if you still have questions.

Can the PlusX do TTL? HSS/FP?

No. The PlusX is a Standard Channel trigger. If you need TTL, HSS/FP, or power control, you’re looking for our ControlTL radios like the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5.

How can I increase my range?

First, follow the orientation and positioning guidelines in your product's instruction manual regarding Radio Performance.

Check out our Long Range Performance page for tips.

Contact PocketWizard tech support if you have questions about a specific long-range setup.

Why isn’t my remote camera catching the flash in frame?

If you are attempting to trigger a remote camera in sync with remote flashes, be sure to set the flashes’ receivers to 1 Channel higher than the remote camera’s receiver. This is called Relay Mode.

=What’s Transmit Only Mode? How do I enable it?

Transmit Only Mode allows you to disable the receiver function of the PlusX. Use this mode when sharing remote flashes with other photographers. This mode will prevent other photographers from triggering the PlusX on your camera.

Read more about this feature on our PlusX wiki page.