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Review this page for information about the Nikon D40x and its performance with PocketWizard radios.

D40x Specific Operational Considerations

The following operational considerations apply only to the D40x.

Camera Firmware

For best results, use the latest camera body firmware. The latest firmware for the D40x is A: 1.01/B: 1.02, available for download at Nikon USA and Nikon EU.

No HSS/Auto FP-Sync

This camera does not support HSS/Auto FP-Sync operation. It also does not support HyperSync.

Button Mashing

“Button mashing" the shutter release can cause missed flash sync or clipping. Try to pause at half-press on the camera's shutter release before fully depressing the shutter release to take the picture. Use high speed motor drive modes to shoot at high FPS.

Rear Curtain Sync with Standard Channel Remotes

Missed sync and clipping may occur in rear-curtain sync with a ControlTL transmitter and Standard Channel remotes.

Nikon Special Notes

The following special notes apply to all Nikon cameras.

FV Lock

FV Lock is not currently supported with PocketWizard radios.

Unsupported Modes

  • Mirror Up mode is not fully supported at this time – test with your specific configuration before using.
  • Exposure Delay mode (set via in-camera menu) is not currently supported.
  • Repeater/RPT mode is not currently supported.

In-Camera Flash Control

Using in-camera “Flash Control for Built In Flash” menu to control remote zones is not currently supported.

Rear-Curtain Sync and Bulb

Rear Curtain Sync and Bulb mode cannot be used together. For more information, visit our Rear Curtain Sync page.

Remote Infrared Control

ControlTL radios disable ALL infra-red/optical communication pulses used in Nikon’s native i-TTL system, and will not trigger remote flashes configured to receive these pulses. A PocketWizard radio is required for each remote flash you want to trigger.

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