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Channels enable you to work with other photographers and to keep your triggering exclusive. Some channels operate on different frequencies to help you avoid interference. All PocketWizard radio slaves set to the same channel work together.

ControlTL™ uses a new channel system in addition to the Standard Channel system used in other PocketWizard radios. The MiniTT1™ Transmitter and FlexTT5™ Transceiver can trigger all existing PocketWizard radios. They can also be taught channels (including new ControlTL channels) by existing PocketWizard transmitters using Learn Mode. The FlexTT5 can operate as a receiver for any PocketWizard transmitter.

When a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 is used as a transmitter, it always sends out two triggers. One is a ControlTL trigger on a ControlTL channel, and the other is sent on a Standard Channel. This enables you to use TTL or power-controlled flashes alongside other manual flashes. A transmitting ControlTL radio synchronizes both triggers precisely.

We highly recommend using the Channel Tab to set transmitting and receiving channels - Learn Mode is not required for normal operation.

Channels Tab

Note: When the MiniTT1 is plugged in it only shows the Transmit drop downs - ControlTL Tx and Standard Tx - because it is a Transmitter. The FlexTT5, a Transceiver, will show both Transmit and Receive options, because it perform both operations.

Channel Input Boxes

Use these to set the respective Transmitting and Receiving Channels.

ControlTL Transmit Priority at X-Sync (Nikon Only):

Nikon Only

Uncheck this box to have the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 send the Standard PocketWizard Channel trigger first at your camera's x-sync speed, rather than ControlTL Channel. If you're using a PocketWizard that receives on Standard Channels as remote, like a PlusX, Plus III, Plus II, MultiMAX, or embedded PocketWizard receiver, unchecking this box max slightly increase the maximum sync speed.

This setting is checked by default, and only affects operation at your camera's x-sync speed. Un-checking this box may result in banding with a ControlTL Channel receiver at your camera's x-sync speed.

Use ControlTL for Rx Channel Check Box (FlexTT5 Only)

This control is generally only used for performing a TTL relay from a remote camera, while triggering the camera via a Standard Channel. For most applications where a FlexTT5 needs to receive on a Standard Channel, we highly recommend using Basic Trigger Mode instead.

Check this box to have the FlexTT5 radio listen on a ControlTL channel (set below with ControlTL Rx Channel).

Uncheck this box to listen on a Standard channel (set below with Standard Rx Channel). ControlTL commands will not be received.

Receiving radios can only listen on one channel at a time; either ControlTL or Standard. If your transmitter is a MiniTT1 radio and you are triggering a remote radio that is expected to respond to E-TTL II commands, then you must use a ControlTL channel.

If your transmitter is a PlusX, Plus II, Plus III, or MultiMAX radio, then use a Standard channel.