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  1. Turn everything off and install fresh batteries
  2. Set up your remotes:
    1. Slide your Speedlight onto a FlexTT5 and lock it down
    2. Turn the Speedlight on, and set it to TTL (don't use "Master" or "Remote") and Standard Illumination pattern
    3. Turn the FlexTT5 on to C.1 - a low power flash confirms it's ready
  3. Slide your MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 onto your camera and turn it on to C.1
  4. Turn on the camera, and set Custom Setting "e1 Flash Sync Speed" to either "1/250 s (AutoFP)" or "1/200 s (AutoFP)", whichever is lowest for your camera - set it and forget it! Not all Nikon models support Auto FP, so if your camera doesn't have this setting, skip this step
  5. Set the shutter speed to 1/160th, and shoot a calibration shot to prime the radios
  6. Start shooting TTL pictures!

You're all set!

This is Basic Wireless TTL. Adjust your camera's Flash Exposure Compensation to change the power level of your Speedlight or explore these powerful options:

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