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The Status LED indicates that the unit is powered on, and displays battery level and other special status modes.

Normal Operation

Under normal operation the LED will display a short blink every 2 seconds. This is the normal “powered on and waiting for trigger” blink.

!The color of the LED indicates battery level:

Green = Good battery
Amber = Warning – battery low
Red = Very low battery – change immediately

See the Batteries section for more information.


A pulsing red LED in sync with TEST or a camera trigger indicates normal transmission.

Learn Mode

If TEST is held for 10 seconds, LEARN mode will be activated. See Learn Mode for information. A short red blink in sync with the camera’s trigger indicates normal transmission or reception.

Learning LED sequence: Holding TEST for 10 seconds will cause the unit to pulse red (continuously transmitting), then it will flash amber 4 times (indicating the beginning of Learn mode), then it will pulse amber while listening for a channel to learn. If it learns a channel, it will blink green 1, 2, or 3 times depending on the channel learned, then flash amber 1 more time to indicate LEARN is complete. If no channels are learned, the radio returns to normal “waiting for trigger” blinking. See LEARN Mode for more information.

Error Condition

Red blinking indicates an error condition. Power off the unit, reseat all connections, and power back on. If the error persists, verify your settings. For example if you are using a Standard channel to trigger a FlexTT5 with a Speedlite in it set to E-TTL, this is an error. The flash needs to be set to manual (See Manual Mode for more information).

A normal green blink occurs on power up initialization and after Apply Settings has been pressed in the PocketWizard Utility.

Channel Reset

Factory Reset

If TEST is held on power up then RESET may occur causing 2 or 4 green blinks to occur. See RESET for information. Steady green blinks during firmware updates are also normal.