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SpeedCycler is designed to rapidly cycle through multiple flash units fired individually in sequence. This allows you to fire a camera in sync with flashes faster than a single flash can recycle. It can also be used for triggering remote cameras sequentially.

SpeedCycler requires a ControlTL radio (MiniTT1 or FlexTT5) or a MultiMAX as the transmitter. For MultiMAX users, Quad Triggering Channels (17 and higher) are required. For ControlTL users, an AC3 ZoneController is required. In addition, SpeedCycler requires two or more receiving PocketWizard radios with access to Zones (Plus III, MultiMAX, or FlexTT5.

MultiMAX SpeedCycler

  1. From the main screen press /MENU A D to enable SpeedCycler mode on a MultiMAX (set for TRANSMIT mode).
  2. Enable two or more remote Zones.
  3. Set each receiving radio to a different Zone.
  4. Trigger the MultiMAX (set for TRANSMIT mode). The first trigger will fire the first Zone selected, the second trigger will fire the next Zone selected. The display indicates

the next Zone to trigger with an arrow. Only the Zone just triggered will display proper confirmation.

Note: If L is selected then PORT 2 on the MultiMAX (set for TRANSMIT mode) will trigger every time and is not cycled. It will be in sync with each cycled Zone.

ControlTL SpeedCycler

  1. Connect your transmitting ControlTL radio to the PocketWizard Utility via USB.
  2. Navigate to the "Misc Tab."
  3. Enable SpeedCycler by clicking the check-box.
  4. Apply changes. Once changes have been applied, disconnect your radio.
  5. Set each receiving FlexTT5 to a different Zone.
  6. Trigger the transmitter. Zones A, B, and C will be triggered sequentially and individual zones can be disabled by setting the AC3's Zone Switch to the off position.

Note: SpeedCycler mode requires an AC3 ZoneController in the top shoe of the on-camera PocketWizard radio. Both TTL and manual flash are supported. Setting flash power manually will trigger faster. Receiving MultiMAXes or Plus IIIs can be used instead of FlexTT5s provided a Standard Channel between 17 and 32 is in use. Make sure to set the Standard Transmit Channel on your transmitting ControlTL radio to match the receiving MultiMAX's or Plus III's. The MultiMAX's and Plus III's A, B, and C Zones correspond to the AC3's Zones.