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Do you have a question about your PowerST4? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, compiled by PocketWizard tech support.

I can’t plug the PowerST4 into my pack because other ports are in the way. What do I do?

You need Elinchrom's EL 19374 - EL-Skyport Transceiver RX Adapter to connect your PowerST4.

Is my Elinchrom flash compatible with the PowerST4?

Most Elinchrom packs and flashes with the multi-pin RX port are compatible. Check out our webpage for the full compatibility list.

What’s the fastest shutter speed I can use with HyperSync?

The maximum attainable shutter speed with HyperSync that produces an acceptable image depends on a variety of factors, from the age of the camera, the age of the flashes, to the type of cameras used. You can use HyperSync with any cameras on the supported list, but to find out the maximum usable shutter speed your camera can achieve, you will need to do some testing with your gear.

Check out our HyperSync Performance with your Camera article to see example images!

Visit the HyperSync Setup page for help configuring your gear.

Do Ranger A-Heads and S-Heads perform differently with HyperSync?

Yes. HyperSync relies on long flash durations for even light coverage at the fastest shutter speeds. Some flashes and flash heads are designed to use short flash durations, as a different method of action-stopping. Such short duration heads are likely to perform less favorably than their long-duration counterparts.

Check out these example images for a comparison between S-Head and A-Head HyperSync results.

Visit the HyperSync Setup page for help configuring your gear.

How can I increase my range?

Check out our Long Range Performance page for tips.

Consider using an Elinchrom extension cable from the remote port to the PowerST4. This will allow you to move the receiver away from the pack and optimize its orientation for long-range performance.

Contact PocketWizard tech support for help with unique long-distance setups.

Can I turn my Ranger modeling light on from the camera?

Yes! Assuming Modeling Light Control is enabled on your transmitter, you should be able to activate your Ranger’s modeling lamp using the Depth of Field Preview button on your camera. The light will remain on for the pack-determined length of time. This time can be adjusted on the pack itself.

I want the modeling light to turn off and stay off! How can I do this in the field?

Disable the modeling light on the back of the flash itself. Even if Modeling Light Control is enabled on your transmitter, the flash will ignore it and the modeling light will remain off.

The modeling light will stay off until a power-cycle is performed.