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Thank you for buying a new PocketWizard radio and welcome to the PocketWizard Family! Like most electronics today, all current PocketWizard radios (with the exception of the PlusX) can be updated or upgraded as technology changes.

IMPORTANT: PocketWizard currently has 2 different versions of firmware for their radios - Legacy and E Release. PocketWizard radios MUST use the same type of firmware in order to communicate with each other.

PocketWizard E Release

What do I need to know about my new radio's firmware before I use it?

PocketWizard radios were created over 25 years ago and are used by thousands of photographers around the world. We are known for being the most reliable radio trigger available and our radios are used by professionals and amateurs alike. All PocketWizard radios use a class of software called firmware.

As of September 2019, we offer 2 lines of firmware which use different Channels with different frequencies. PocketWizard radios MUST use the same type of firmware in order to communicate with each other.

  • Legacy Firmware: This is our traditional firmware which we have been using for about 30 years. All PocketWizard radios can run this firmware. PocketWizard radios with Legacy firmware may use Standard Channels, QuadZone Triggering Channels, and/or ControlTL Channels with this firmware.
  • E Release Firmware: This is our new firmware going forward and has become standard for more of our radios. It offers users longer range, better reliability, and more Channels. Most, but not all PocketWizard radios can be upgraded to this line of firmware. PocketWizard radios with E Release firmware may use E Channels and LR Channels. You can learn more about the E Release here.
    • All PocketWizard Plus IIIe and Plus IVe are shipping with the E Release pre-installed. Other radios may be eligible for free upgrades to the E Release, please see this page for details about your radio.

If you purchased a new PocketWizard radio, it is important to know what firmware is installed on the unit. A new PocketWizard with the E Release will NOT talk to an older PocketWizard with Legacy firmware "out of the box." If you have a mix of old and new PocketWizard radios, you should be able to use your radios together. Please see below for details about your new radio’s firmware.

My new PocketWizard has the E Release firmware installed, what do I need to do?

  • If this is your first set of PocketWizards, thank you and welcome to the family! If all of your radios have the E Release, just hop over to the Getting Started page and follow the directions to update your firmware and get started!
  • If you already have other PocketWizard radios and want to use this radio with your other radios, you have 2 options:
    • If your other radios are eligible for the E Release, you can purchase licenses for each radio to take advantage of the new technology. Please see our E Release page for details.
    • If your other radios are not eligible for the E Release or if you are using products with built in PocketWizards (like Sekonic meters or flashpacks with PocketWizard receivers), you can downgrade this radio to the Legacy firmware so everything will work together. Please see our E Release page for details. You can upgrade or downgrade this radio via the Utility as needed.

My new PocketWizard doesn’t have the E Release firmware installed, what do I need to do?

  • If you recently purchased a new Plus III, Plus IV, FlexTT5, FlexTT6, or PowerMC2 unit, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. Please see our E Release page for details about upgrading your radio. The E Release is not available for the PlusX or MultiMAX II at this time.
  • You can also use your radio “as is”. You do not need to upgrade your radio if you don’t wish to do so.

Note: TTL compatibility may be limited for some newer cameras and flashes with the Legacy firmware, please check our compatibility pages for details.

How can I tell what firmware my new PocketWizard is using?

  • E Release radios may have an E Release logo sticker (an “e” with radio waves) on the back or bottom of the unit as well as on the box.
  • All radios: When you power on the radio, the LED will flash differently, depending on the firmware installed on the radio.
    • E Release Firmware: you will see a red green red green blink pattern
    • Legacy Firmware: you will see one bold green blink
  • Plus III and Plus IV: The Channels and Zones are different in default mode.
    • E Release Firmware: The LCD will show TxRx CH01 ABCD (and all Channels will have Zones).
    • Legacy Firmware: The LCD will show TxRx CH17 ABCD (and Channels 1-16 do not have Zones).
  • FlexTT5/FlexTT6: The Channels are different in default mode when viewed in the PocketWizard Utility. Zones are chosen on the receiving radios by moving the switch to the desired Zone.
    • E Release Firmware: The default is Channel 1 for C1 and Channel 2 for C2.
    • Legacy Firmware: The default for C1 is Transmit on ControlTL Channel 1 and Standard Channel 1, Receive on ControlTL Channel 1. For C2, the default is Transmit on ControlTL Channel 2 and Standard Channel 2, Receive on ControlTL Channel 2.
  • PowerMC2: The Channels are different in default mode and are changed via the Einstein's menu. The Zones are selected via the Einstein's menu as well.
    • E Release Firmware: The default is Channel 1. (NOTE: This will read as CTL01 at this point.)
    • Legacy Firmware: The default Channel is ControlTL Channel 1. This will also read as CTL01.

Thank you for buying a new PocketWizard and if you have more questions about the E Release, please click here or take a look at the E Release FAQs. And of course, feel free to contact us for more information. Happy Shooting!