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This page outlines the best practices when many photographers are simultaneously triggering remote cameras at large sporting or other events.

We are very proud of our radios. They provide rock-solid mission-critical performance in venues around the world. Thanks to our broad frequency range, powerful Custom IDs, and proven digital RF signaling methods, our MultiMAX radios can handle several photographers at the same event while providing control and exclusivity like no other remote trigger system.

But they are not originally designed to handle over 100 photographers working the same finish-line event like happens at the largest sporting events.

We continue to improve operation for exclusivity (Custom IDs), simultaneous use (Patterns), and greater distances (Long Range Mode). But too many photographers on the same frequency can still be a concern. Please read this information to learn the best methods to increase your odds of getting that once-in-a-lifetime remote shot at the most crowded events.

Quick Check List

Here is a quick check list to get you started:

  • Get MultiMAX radios from your favorite local source, or upgrade your old ones
  • Send them to LPA Design/PocketWizard for Custom IDs
  • Upgrade your firmware to the latest that includes Patterns
  • Know your frequency
  • Find the Sign-up Sheet
  • Pick a Pattern
  • Set a long contact time on your Receiver
  • Use Long Range Mode on your transmitters *and* receivers
  • Press and *hold* TEST or your trigger button, don’t tap it
  • Use ferrite chokes on long cable runs.
  • Get the receiver’s antenna as high as you can
  • Maintain line of sight whenever possible
  • Dress cables away from antennas
  • Consider hard-wiring