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Do you have a question about your MultiMAX? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions, compiled by PocketWizard tech support.

How can I increase my range?

Check out our [Long Range Performance] page for tips.

Consider using the MultiMAX feature Long Range Mode. Read more in the MultiMAX Owner’s Manual.

For extreme long distances, consider using the MultiMAX’s Repeater feature. Read more in the MultiMAX Owner’s Manual.

What’s a Custom ID? Do I need one?

A Custom ID is like a private Channel, unique to your MultiMAXes. If you expect to work in a location where other photographers might be using the same channels as yourself, you may opt to have a Custom ID installed into your MultiMAXes.

Shooting high-profile multi-user sporting events can put you in a situation where even the 32 channels on the MultiMAX are not enough. This is a rare case, however, and most MultiMAX users can work under a variety of conditions without needing Custom IDs.

Contact PocketWizard tech support with requests for Custom IDs.

How do I sync multiple cameras to a single flash event?

Equalization, or synchronizing multiple cameras to the same flash, requires precision timing. Even though we perceive camera triggering activity as instantaneous, it is not. Even the flash, which appears to provide light only for an instant, has a time duration (flash duration) that needs to be factored into synchronization calculations.

Every camera has a delay from the time it is triggered until the shutter is fully open. The trigger can originate from either the camera’s trigger button or via the motor drive port. This delay is called "lag time" and it can be different from camera to camera and may even vary between two cameras of the exact same model. If two cameras are triggered at exactly the same time their shutters will be open at different moments. If one camera is attached to a flash, the other camera’s shutter will probably not be open at the right moment to capture the flash.

Some cameras are not suitable for equalization. For best equalization a camera must have a consistent lag time. If a camera’s lag time varies widely or unpredictably from shot to shot then it may not be possible to synchronize that camera. This is not a flaw of either the camera or the MultiMAX. A varying lag time in a camera is considered acceptable operation for the majority of photographic situations. Cameras are usually designed to respond predictably shot to shot, but are not necessarily or specifically designed to do so with the precision needed for equalization.

You can read more in the MultiMAX Owner’s Manual, on page 42.

How do I make a remote camera capture multiple images at its fastest frame rate?

By setting a longer Contact Time on your receiving radio, a remote camera will fire at its fastest frame rate for as long as contact is held.

You can read more about Contact Time in the MultiMAX Owner’s Manual, on page 26.

How do I use the MultiMAX for Bulb exposures on my remote camera?

You can use Contact Time to make Bulb exposures with a receiving MultiMAX. Set the Contact Time for the desired bulb exposure time and set the camera to Bulb or B mode. When triggered, the shutter will remain open for the Contact Time.

Can I engage remote pre-release with my MultiMAX? How?

Yes! Activating a Zone on a transmitting MultiMAX will engage pre-release on compatible remotes on that Zone.

When the MultiMAX is used a receiver, it will respond to a Plus III’s remote half-press. You can read more about this on the Plus III Half-Press Compatibility page.

What cable do I need?

You can use the Cable Finder at to find the right cable for lots of different cameras and flashes.

Contact PocketWizard tech support if you still have questions.

I need my MultiMAX to stay powered on for a long time. What can I do?

Consider powering your MultiMAX via USB with a PW-AC-USB Adapter.

If your MultiMAX needs to remain on for more than 40 hours (without receiving any triggers) be sure to set "Always On" in the Other Functions menu.

I have old MultiMAXes without USB ports. Can I get my radios updated?

Yes! Contact PocketWizard tech support for a quote.

How do I put my MultiMAX into USB Mode? How do I reset my radio without the Utility?

With the radio powered off, press and hold the backlight button as you connect your MultiMAX via USB. The LED will continuously blink red to indicate that the radio has entered USB Mode.

Reset your MultiMAX by powering it on and then pressing * B D. You will be asked to confirm by pressing C. You can also reset the MultiMAX by holding C while power the unit on.