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The MiniTT1, FlexTT5, and FlexTT6 support High Speed Sync (HSS) for Canon and FP Sync for Nikon. No configuration is necessary for the radios.

  • If you have a Nikon camera, adjust the Flash Sync Speed setting in the Custom menu to 1/250s (AutoFP) for most cameras. The D600 and D610 need to be set to 1/200s (AutoFP).
  • If you are using a Canon flash as an on-camera flash, attached to the transmitting radio, the Master flash needs to be set to HSS via the flash's menu. It is not necessary to set remote Canon flashes to HSS.

HSS/FP is seamlessly engaged with the default settings at appropriate shutter speeds, letting you synchronize flashes that support HSS/FP at any speed.

Keep in mind that flashes actually pulse and act as a continuous light in this mode, which significantly reduces effective flash power.

Read more about the available options for high speed photography with any flash: Understanding HyperSync and High Speed Sync.

See details from Canon about High Speed Sync with Speedlites at canon.co.jp.

See details from Nikon about FP Sync with Speedlights at nikonusa.com.