High Speed Sync

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The MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 support High Speed Sync (HSS) for Canon and FP Sync for Nikon. No configuration is necessary for the radios.

  • If you have a Nikon camera, adjust the Flash Sync Speed setting in the Custom menu to 1/250s (AutoFP) for most cameras. The D600 and D610 need to be set to 1/200s (AutoFP).
  • If you are using a Canon flash as an on-camera flash, attached to the transmitting radio, it needs to be set to HSS. It is not necessary to set remote Canon flashes to HSS.

HSS/FP is seamlessly engaged with the default settings at appropriate shutter speeds, letting you synchronize flashes that support HSS/FP at any speed.

Keep in mind that flashes actually pulse and act as a continuous light in this mode, which significantly reduces effective flash power.

Mark Wallace demonstrates High Speed Sync in this video:

Read more about the available options for high speed photography with any flash: Understanding HyperSync and High Speed Sync.

See details from Canon about High Speed Sync with Speedlites at canon.co.jp.

See details from Nikon about FP Sync with Speedlights at nikonusa.com.