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Thank you for visiting the PocketWizard Wiki.

This wiki is a work in process and is constantly undergoing improvements and changes, so we appreciate your patience.

You can visit our main site at

Here are some pointers on navigating the Wiki:


On the left side are some primary navigation elements.

  • Main Page will bring you to the front page of the wiki, as will clicking on the PocketWizard logo in the upper left. You can also get to the Main page by using alt-shift-z on your keyboard in Firefox or Chrome, or alt-z in Internet Explorer.
  • Recent changes will show you a list of the changes made to the wiki recently. You can also see the Recent changes by using alt-shift-r on your keyboard in Firefox or Chrome, or alt-r in Internet Explorer.
  • Random page will take you to a random page within the wiki. Who knows what you might find? You can also see the Recent changes by using alt-shift-x on your keyboard in Firefox or Chrome, or alt-x in Internet Explorer.


You can go straight to specific radios as listed.

Popular Pages

People seem to like these topics.


Located at the top is a powerful search engine. It can help you find things in the wiki. If you type the exact name of a page, like Channels, you'll go straight to that page if you hit the "Go" button.


More is coming!

In the future we hope to open our wiki up so that registered users can comment on the pages and suggest changes, or maybe even contribute directly! At the moment, this is only open to PocketWizard staff.

In the mean time, if you find something that needs attention, let us know on our Inquiries page or send an email to