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Channels allow you to work with other photographers or keep your triggering exclusive. Some channels operate on different frequencies to help you avoid radio interference. All PocketWizard radios set to the same channel work together.

This section has channel tables for the USA FCC / IC (Industry Canada) frequency radios that operate between 340 and 354 MHz. If you have CE frequency radios that operate between 433.422 and 434.42 MHz range then visit the CE Channels page.

There are two kinds of PocketWizard Channels: Standard Channels and ControlTL Channels.

Standard Channels

Standard Channels are used when triggering a Plus II or other PocketWizard radio that performs triggering only and not power control or TTL functions.

Standard Channels 1 through 16

Standard Channels 1 through 16 are considered Classic Channels and are the most basic PocketWizard Channels. They are used for simple triggering scenarios, and contain no zones, power control, or TTL functions. These channels exist on the same frequency. Each channel is its own 16-bit digital code on top of that frequency.

The Plus and Plus II radios use only channels 1 through 4.

All other PocketWizard radios use Standard Channels 1 through 16.

Standard Channels 1 through 16
Channel Plus, Plus II All PocketWizard
radios including:
Plus, Plus II,
MAX, MultiMAX,
ControlTL radios,
OEM flashes,
Sekonic meters,
Classics *

* = some very early models of the Classic only had channels 1 through 10

Standard Channels 17 through 32

Standard Channels 17 through 32 were introduced with the PocketWizard MAX. They are also called Quad-Triggering channels or MultiMAX channels. These channels add the benefit of Zones A, B, C, and D. Zones allow you to control up to 4 different groups of lights on the same channel.

These channels are each on their own frequency and each channel number is its own 24-bit digital code.

Standard Channels 17 through 32
Channel Frequency All PocketWizard
radios except:
Plus, Plus II,
17 346.5
18 347
19 347.5
20 348
21 348.5
22 349
23 349.5
24 350
25 350.5
26 351
27 351.5
28 352
29 352.5
30 353
31 353.5
32 354

See the CE Channels page for frequency information on 433 MHz radios with a CE marking on them.

ControlTL Channels

ControlTL Channels were introduced with the Canon MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. These channels allow for remote power control of studio flashes, Canon E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL/CLS commands.