Canon 5D Mark III

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Review this page for information about the Canon 5D Mark III and its performance with PocketWizard radios.

HyperSync Performance

Use the grid below to view the 5D Mark III's HyperSync performance with a specific flash. Find your desired light in the left-hand column and select either "Highest Energy" or "Reduced Clipping" to download a PDF of the results.

Einstein Highest Energy Reduced Clipping
Ranger RX S-Head Highest Energy Reduced Clipping
AlienBees B1600 Highest Energy Reduced Clipping

NOTE: All of the images contained in this table were captured using a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 transmitter and a ControlTL receiver (such as the FlexTT5 with AC9 Adapter, PowerST4, or PowerMC2).

Don't see your gear?
We have paused our HyperSync testing and PDF production for the time being. We may be adding more results to the wiki as they become available. Check back in the future.