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(HyperSync Performance)
(Camera-Specific Operational Considerations)
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This information is coming soon!
This information is coming soon!
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==HyperSync Performance==
==HyperSync Performance==

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Review this page for information about the Canon 1D X and its performance with PocketWizard radios.

Camera-Specific Operational Considerations

This information is coming soon!

HyperSync Performance

Use the grid below to view examples of the 1D X's HyperSync performance with a specific flash. Find your desired light in the left-hand column and select either "Highest Energy" or "Reduced Clipping" to download a PDF of the results.

NOTE: All of the images contained in the table below were captured using a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 transmitter and a ControlTL receiver (such as the FlexTT5 with AC9 Adapter, PowerST4, or PowerMC2).

Einstein Highest Energy Reduced Clipping
Ranger RX A-Head Highest Energy Reduced Clipping
AlienBees B1600 Highest Energy Reduced Clipping