AC9 AlienBees Adapter

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Adapter for Paul C. Buff lighting systems.

The AC9 AlienBees Adapter paired with a FlexTT5™ Transceiver enables remote power control of AlienBees or White Lightning flashes. With a MiniTT1™ Transmitter or FlexTT5™ Transceiver on your camera, you can now adjust the power settings on your AlienBees or White Lightning flashes from the camera’s position. Add the AC3 ZoneController and you can control three different groups of lights in 1/3-stop increments with a six-stop range. Utilize PocketWizard’s unique features such as HyperSync™ and Optimized Rear Curtain Sync for maximum control of your lighting.


AC9 AlienBees Adapter.

Using your AC9


AC9 with FlexTT5 on AlienBees strobe.

Make sure all your radios are set to the same PocketWizard ControlTL channel.

  1. With all units powered off, slide the AC9 onto your remote FlexTT5 and connect the REMOTE cable from the AC9 to the flash.
  2. Turn on the flash first, then the remote FlexTT5 radio. If this order is reversed, the flash may not trigger properly. The AC9’s Status LED blinks green occasionally to indicate normal operation.
  3. Turn on the modeling light and set it to Cycle or Ready mode as desired, and disable the optical slave by inserting a plug or adapter into the sync port. Power level will be set by the AC9.
  4. Set up your camera and PocketWizard ControlTL transmitter.
  5. Take pictures.
  6. Adjust the Camera’s Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) to adjust the output power of your remote flash. See the Camera FEC Range and Basic Power Control sections for more information on FEC.

Note: The AC9 overrides flash power output settings you make directly on your flash. If you wish to control the flash from its control panel, then you need to disconnect the REMOTE cord and connect a regular sync cord from the P2 port on your FlexTT5 to your flash.

Important: The AC9 will only work with a transmitting ControlTL radio in the hot shoe of a compatible camera. The AC9 will NOT work when connected to a radio in Basic Trigger Mode. If you wish to use your receiving FlexTT5 in Basic Trigger Mode, disconnect the REMOTE cord and connect a regular sync cord from the P2 port on your FlexTT5 to your flash.



PocketWizard’s newest firmware platform taps into the camera’s digital communications to enable an entirely new level of remote flash capability through our proven radio system. ControlTL allows for remote Manual Power Control of your AlienBees or White Lightning flashes. ControlTL firmware is configurable and upgradeable for “future-proof” continuous improvement.

Manual Power Control

Manual power control.jpg

Adjust the manual power settings of your remote AlienBees flash directly from a AC3 ZoneController, or master flash mounted on your on-camera MiniTT1 or FlexTT5. You can independently control the power output of up to three remote groups of lights (you can have as many lights in each group as you want) from full power down to the lowest setting through the user interface on the back of the master flash or with the dials of the AC3 ZoneController. Now you can work with total control with your remote lights, without leaving your shooting position.



Our patent pending HyperSync® technology allows photographers to achieve faster X-sync speeds with full power flash. That extra speed can be used to freeze action or cut ambient light - both of which can produce results never possible before. HyperSync works automatically with the AC9 and FlexTT5 in conjunction with your AlienBees or White Lightning flash. All you need is a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 on camera to gain the benefits of HyperSync. While performance varies by the camera and flash equipment being used, HyperSync will get the maximum possible out of any configuration.



When engaged, any changes to aperture and ISO on your camera are automatically tracked by your remote flash output power to maintain the current exposure level. For example, if you open the aperture on your camera by one stop, then the power output level on your remote flash will decrease by one stop.

Basic Power Control

With only a MiniTT1® or FlexTT5® on your camera, your camera’s FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) control will adjust your flash power output level for all your AC9-connected flashes as shown in the table below:

AlienBees, White Lightning, Zeus Power Output Settings
Camera FEC/EC
- or -
AC3 Power Dial in Manual
Most Models White Lightning X800,
X1600 & X3200 Only;
Low Range Mode
+3 1/1 1/4
+2.7 1/2 + 0.7 1/8 + 0.7
+2.3 1/2 + 0.3 1/8 + 0.3
+2 1/2 1/8
+1.7 1/4 + 0.7 1/16th + 0.7
+1.3 1/4 + 0.3 1/16 + 0.3
+1 1/4 1/16
+0.7 1/8 + 0.7 1/32 + 0.7
+0.3 1/8 +0.3 1/32 + 0.3
0 1/8 1/32
-0.3 1/16 + 0.7 1/64 + 0.7
-0.7 1/16 + 0.3 1/64 + 0.3
-1 1/16 1/64
-1.3 1/32 + 0.7 1/128 + 0.7
-1.7 1/32 + 0.3 1/128 + 0.3
-2 1/32 1/128
-2.3 1/32 1/128
-2.7 1/32 1/128
-3 1/32 1/128


The FlexTT5 for Canon requires AC9-C / FlexTT5 for Nikon requires AC9-N.

The AC9 AlienBees Adapter requires a receiving FlexTT5, a transmitting PocketWizard ControlTL radio such as a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5, and a compatible Paul C. Buff flash with a REMOTE terminal.


AC9 AlienBees Adapter Compatiblity
AlienBees White Lightning Zeus UltraZAP Ultra
B400 X800 Z1250 UZ800 Ultra 600
B800 X1600 Z2500 UZ1600 Ultra 1200
B1600 X2400 Ultra 1800
ABR800 X3200


Mounting Hot Shoe
Status Indicator LED: Green status indicator
Operating Temperature Above -15° C (5° F) and below 50° C (120° F)
Storage Temperature Above -30° C (22° F) and below 85° C (185° F)
Construction high impact plastic - RoHS Compliant
Power Receives power from attached radio
Dimensions 1.9" (4.7cm) long x 1.6" (4.0 cm) wide x 1" (2.5 cm) tall
Weight .81 ounces (22.96 grams)
Included In the Box AC9 Adapter, RJ-14 connector cord, sync adapter plugs for disabling the optical slave, lanyard and velcro for attaching FlexTT5 onto AliensBee or White Lightning flash, Quick Guide
Requirements Dedicated AC9 Version for Nikon and Canon systems. Must be used in conjunction with a remote FlexTT5 radio.